• websites that work

    You want a website that:

    + provides qualified leads
    + generates sales
    + is accountable, and self reporting

    Pilot builds the engines that make your website work, but as importantly we provide the conceptual thinking to ensure your business goals meet your customers expectations.

  • usability in practice

    We don't just build websites, first we do the ground work.
    This includes:

    + conceptual thinking based on industry best practice
    + complete functionality blueprint
    + liasion with graphic designers

    Before any code is written you will have a clear idea how your website will work and what it will look like.

  • simple CRM

    Send broadcast email newsletters from your website:

    + keep close to your existing clients
    + generate referrals
    + auto-manage sign ups and opt outs
    + advice on e-newsletter best practice

  • SEM strategy

    We provide consulting for your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns:

    + keyword identification
    + ad creation
    + ad placement
    + analysis for ROI

    Digital marketing is cost effective, accountable and can deliver immediate results.

  • SEO consulting

    we provide consulting for basic SEO best practice:

    + target audience identification
    + keyword identification
    + content writing for keyword density and relevance
    + inbound link building
    + weekly reporting (by email)

Upcoming Events

UXHK 2012
17-18 February: User Experience Hong Kong (UXHK) is a multi-disciplinary event for those who want to learn more and are passionate about designing great experiences. Pilot will be there.

Latest Case Study

Time Out Hong Kong is running a number of events on its Facebook page. Pilot is using an API to capture registrant details to the Time Out CMS.

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